Why They Happen and How to Prevent Them

Food cravings. Many people have them and they can be difficult to keep under control. If you find yourself giving into your cravings too often, keep reading. This article examines why food cravings occur, and also provides some simple tips on how to cope with them on a daily basis.

Various food-specific cravings may be the result of consistent, nagging feelings that are triggered by boredom, stress, or even habit, like when you devour a bag of cookies whenever your favorite TV show is on. It’s a scenario we can all relate to – and all regret, too!

They can also happen when your body’s blood sugar levels decrease. Your body may crave certain foods – like chocolate – at these times because they pack a ton of sugar, which is broken down quickly and shuttled into your bloodstream to help stabilize your blood sugar levels.

Check out the tips below to reduce your chances of having to deal with unwanted food cravings and increase your chances for weight loss success.

Tips to Reduce Cravings

  • Drink at least 10 eight-ounce glasses of water per day. Drinking ample amounts of water will not only keep you hydrated, but can help you curb cravings, too.
  • Stay active by doing things you enjoy to take your mind off nagging food cravings.
  • Use less salt and cut down on high-sodium foods.
  • Eat three meals a day and never skip a meal.
  • Select complex sources of carbohydrates, such as brown rice and whole wheat breads and pastas, which are high in fiber and will fill you up.
  • Eat protein and healthy dietary fats with your carbohydrates at mealtimes.
  • Choose your calories wisely. Consider having fruit, vegetable sticks, or nuts, and never skip a meal.

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