5 Spring Fashion Trends You Need in Your Life Right Now! - Xenadrine.com

Spring is almost here – a new wardrobe is the best motivation for losing weight. These five new trends are versatile, trendy and on point for spring.

1. Stripes

One of this season’s major trends that will fit nicely into summer. Stick to vertical stripes to make you look taller and slimmer. Go with lighter colors (think nautical) on white.

2. Khaki

A classic, but it’s making a major comeback. It’s not just for those casual lunch dates anymore. People are even redefining what it means to wear khaki to work! A cute vest, a pencil skirt or even a dress are great options for the office.

3. Yellow

Think you can’t pull off this bright shade? Think again! This season, there are options for everyone. From light to pastel to bright and to dark, brighten up your day with this color.

4. White Shirt Dresses

Something so simple can be so trendy, and it’s a fresh, clean way to bring on spring. Add a belt, wear it loose or put it over a cute dress – you’ll definitely want to pick up a few to add to your workwear rotation.

5. The NEW Trench Coat

A jacket completes an outfit, plus it’s a great transition into summer. Dress it up or down. The new trench coat is a great twist on the traditional one, so step outside of your comfort zone and explore new patterns and colors this season.

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