Staying on Track During Vacation -


Are you hitting up the beach house? Going camping? Heading to a resort? We have all your vacation needs covered, so you can stay fit and happy. It’s easy to backslide while on vacation and be tempted by all the great food and drinks. Here are tips to help keep you on the straight and narrow yet still let you enjoy your downtime.


1. Investigate eating options before you go:

If you know what your options are before you arrive, you can be prepared to make smarter choices and to pick out the right menu items or food items at the grocery store.


2. Go for zero-calorie beverages:

Stay away from the full-calorie sodas and fruit juices. Stick to diet if you opt to have one – or even better, sparkling water!


3. Reduce your portions:

If you are served a big meal, enjoy half and take the other half to go and keep it for lunch the next day. You can also request the waiter or hostess serve you a smaller portion size.


4. Fruits and veggies:

Order fruits and veggies every chance you get. Usually vacation destinations will have amazing farmers’ markets – take advantage of them!


5. Choose fish:

Fish is always a good calorie-conscious option, just ensure it’s not coated in butter and fat. Plus, for those traveling to a resort or beach area, it’s usually the freshest, so enjoy the catch of the day.


6. Beware of the bread bowl and table appetizers:

Just because it’s available, doesn’t mean you should eat it. If you are tempted, try ordering a side salad to help with the craving.


7. Don’t skip out on dessert:

Opt to share it or select a fruit plate instead or – because it’s summer – be creative and order or make grilled fruit. Pineapple and peaches taste amazing on the grill.

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