Top 10 Harvest Foods for Fall -

Scarf season, leaf season and blanket season is here, which means it’s time for comfort food that makes you feel warm and fuzzy. Here are our top 10 harvest foods to add to your diet this fall.

1. Apples

These beauties are rich in pectin. They also taste great in salads, desserts and with pork.

Amount Food Calories (Approx.)
1 Apple 46

2. Beets

Deep in color, beet juice was used to dye clothing back in the day. This soil veggie is great for fall. You can add it to soups or just roast it as it is. A little olive oil, salt and pepper go a long way.

Amount Food Calories (Approx.)
1/2 Cup Beets 37

3. Carrots

Delicious in any smoothie and a great addition to sweeten any pasta sauce. You can literally add carrots to any meal, and one raw carrot contains 2g of fiber. Be sure to add this staple to your pantry.

Amount Food Calories (Approx.)
2 Carrots 70

4. Squash

No surprise here, this is the ultimate classic fall food! We love a squash soup to get us warmed up on a cool fall day. It contains omega-3 fatty acids and is a great source of vitamin A.

Amount Food Calories (Approx.)
1 Cup Squash 82

5. Sweet potatoes

These veggies are more than just an addition to your Thanksgiving meal. You can add these to pasta dishes, roast them, BBQ them and boil them. They contain vitamin A and iron, and will add some sweetness to your diet.

Amount Food Calories (Approx.)
1 Sweet Potato 60

6. Promegranates

Great on their own but also delicious added to salads, dressings and marinades. The seeds too are great added to water or juices, and they provide an awesome source of vitamin C and folate. Be sure to stock up!

Amount Food Calories (Approx.)
1 Pomegranates 72

7. Dates

A Middle Eastern favorite! These are great in stews, desserts and stuffed with goat cheese. Some people even use date juice to sweeten hot beverages and plain yogurt. They are low in fat and a good source of fiber and potassium.

Amount Food Calories (Approx.)
2 Dates 47

8. Brussels sprouts

Did you know that Brussels sprouts are a good source of folate, vitamin K and iron! Incorporate this superfood into your fall dishes or as a side dish. Since they are bitter in taste, try combining them with tangy or savory sauces.

Amount Food Calories (Approx.)
1 Cup Brussels Sprouts 38

9. Mushrooms

A great, hearty addition to your fall meals. Great in stews, chilies and roasts. Many mushrooms don’t have a distinct taste, while others are full of flavor. For fall, we like portabella mushrooms stuffed with a little goat cheese and fresh crab meat.

Amount Food Calories (Approx.)
1 Cup Mushrooms 21

10. Swiss chard

Like the Brussel Sprout, swiss chard can have a bitter taste, but it sure makes for a great addition to stir-fries, soups and pastas. This green originated from Sicily (not Switzerland) and is high in vitamin K, fiber and protein.

Amount Food Calories (Approx.)
1 Cup Swiss Chard 7

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