How to Take Your Christmas Dinner Outside -

Switch things up this holiday season and bring your Christmas outdoors! Whether you are traveling to a hot spot or living in a hot spot, you can enjoy the outdoors during this family-and food-filled day. Here are some tips to help you with your meal and entertaining planning.


1. Less is more

Less is more, and that applies to your menu options. A roasted chicken or a Christmas turkey are both great food options and are a great source of protein. If you are really trying to be unique, switch things up and bring fresh fish to the beach with a compactable barbecue.  In terms of side dishes, stick to easy-to-transport veggies that won’t soften your foods on your journey. Carrots, sweet potato, green beans and peas go well with any type of protein. You can steam or roast these veggies and pack them to go.


2. Make Water Your Drink of Choice

Water is always important. If you are hosting a party on the beach, be sure to bring a lot of water. To spice up your water, you can add things like pomegranate seeds, strawberries, blueberries, mint and cinnamon sticks. This will keep your calorie intake low and will also taste great. Don’t forget the ice!


3. The right lighting

Be sure to pack candles and or lanterns. It gets dark early, so it’s best to be prepared.


4. The perfect seat

You don’t want your guests to be uncomfortable while you entertain them. Bring some big comfy pillows, a fold-up table and a few fold-up chairs. You can pick a theme for the holidays – maybe a white Christmas or winter wonderland theme – or stick to festive colors, like red, silver, gold and green.


5. Dessert is a must

There is no need to go heavy on the dessert. Keep it simple and healthy – pack some Greek yogurt, some fruit and plastic dishes. Let your guests make their own yogurt parfait. It’s light and much lower in calories.


6. Be active

If you are hosting a party on the beach, have some fun! Build a sand snowman. If you are hosting in a park or your backyard, play a game of touch football or volleyball. It’s important to stay active during the holidays, and team-based workouts are always great for bonding.

7. Don’t forget to pack your Xenadrine

You can take your Xenadrine® outside with you, just be sure to keep the bottle out of the sun by putting it into your cooler. It’s important to take Xenadrine twice daily, 30 minutes before your two main meals.

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