Top 3 Hottest New Fitness Trends -

Let’s face it, going to the gym and sticking to your regular routine can get boring! So why not mix things up and try something new! Here are 3 Xenadrine® approved new fitness trends to help you stay on track at the gym and keep things exciting!


A full body cardio workout that combines light resistance with constant drumming.  It incorporates things like Pilates, isometric movements and poses, and plyometrics. Pound includes the use of lightly weighted drumsticks (1/2 lb. each). The drumsticks are designed to maximize your workout to burn up to 400 calories! It’s easy and exciting, plus it allows you to rock out to your favorite music! To learn more about Pound and to find classes near you, click here:

Team-Based Workouts

It’s time to meet new people! Team-based workouts really let you put yourself out there! Plus they are fun, and you honestly won’t feel like you’ve had a sweat session!  A gym in NYC focuses on doing throwback workouts, like tag, capture the flag and hide and seek. Some gyms are incorporating things like cycling into team-based workouts and are putting people in teams of three, having them all compete against each other.  So put yourself out there and see if any gyms in your area offer these fun team-based workouts! If not, try getting a group of your close friends together for a game of old-school tag!


Surfers and paddleboarders have amazing balance and are in great shape! Who wouldn’t be when they are constantly up against the waves of the ocean! WaveShap is an equipment-free workout that focuses on multidimensional movements from surfing and other board sports. It’s great to increase strength, endurance, flexibility and balance. It also burns quite a few calories! You’ll be riding the waves before you know it! Plus, a bonus is you’ll look fabulous on the beach from this body-toning workout! To learn more about WaveShape click here:

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