Cody Craker -


Xenadrine Success Story


Full name: Cody Craker

Hometown: New Lisbon, WI

Current hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Occupation: Sales

Favorite cheat food: Pizza or Mexican

Favorite healthy food: Protein pancake and chicken (not at the same time)

Favorite gym or cardio exercise: ANY heavy lifting

Favorite time to workout: Usually midday when the gym is empty

How would your friends describe you: Goofy, intense and hardworking


Before losing weight, I simply didn’t feel good about myself. Confidence was a key motivator for me to change my ways and lose some weight. I’d never heard of Xenadrine® before losing the weight, but I didn’t hesitate to try it when I discovered it, and I’m glad I did!

Immediately I bumped up my exercise to five to six times per week and did a lot more cardio overall. I also cut out a lot of junk food. It also gave me the energy to power through workouts, even when I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to. Quitting was never an option for me. Although it was tough at times, weight loss is all mind over matter, and I’m a firm believer in the fact that anyone can do this if they put their mind to it. My advice to those looking to lose weight is to never quit. Have some patience and all of your hard work will eventually pay off.


Motivation for losing weight:

  1. What was your primary motivation for wanting to lose weight?  I wanted to feel good about myself and have confidence in my body.
  2. Were you familiar with Xenadrine® before you began using it? Did you have any hesitations before taking it? I’d heard of Xenadrine but never looked into it. Once I found out about it, I didn’t hesitate to give it a try.

Your transformation:

  1. How have your daily routine and habits changed? My meals are prepped and made to fit my macronutrient limits. I cut out a lot of processed sweets, and cardio became a necessity instead of an option. Now I aim to be active 5 to 6 days a week and do much more cardio than ever before.
  2. Was there a time when you thought about quitting your transformation? Never! Quitting was never an option. It may have been tough at times, but it’s all mind over matter. Pain is only temporary.


  1.  How do you feel about your results? Great! I just want to continue to improve more and more.
  2.  Besides losing the weight, what was the best part of this journey? One of the best parts was having Laura, my girlfriend, as my partner through the journey. She also experienced the power of Xenadrine and we shrank together – but also grew together.
  3.  What advice would you give to anyone just beginning their transformation? Don’t quit. If you want results and are ready and willing to put forth the effort, then try Xenadrine. Be patient and it will pay off!





Before Weight: 200 lbs.

Current Weight: 169 lbs.

Cody used the key ingredient in Xenadrine® with diet and exercise and has been remunerated. Two separate scientific studies support the key ingredient (Coffea robusta) with an average weight loss of 10.95 lbs. in 60 days with a low-calorie diet in the first study, and 3.7 lbs. in 8 weeks with a calorie-reduced diet and moderate exercise in the second study.


Lose weight and feel great!