Tips To Stay Motivated -

We understand that losing weight can be a struggle, but once you reach your goals there’s no better feeling! Here are a few tricks to help you get your favorite clothes – or even new clothes – back into your closet, get your confidence back and feel great!

Say Goodbye to Your Past

As you start losing weight, you’ll start to notice extra room in the waistline of your pants, and your shirts may fit looser. Once this starts happening, put those oversize clothes in a garbage bag and tuck them away somewhere far from the closet – or if you are feeling brave, just give them to Goodwill. Saying goodbye to these items helps to instill confidence in your abilities as you continue to make progress and achieve your ultimate goal.

Test Your Jeans

Check your progress every two weeks. Looking in the mirror constantly makes it difficult to see big improvements. The best way to gauge your results is by trying on a pair of tight jeans. (So yes, we give you permission to purchase a new pair of tight-fitting jeans. Hey, it’s great motivation, right?) Try these jeans on every two weeks, that way you’ll stay motivated. If all goes well, they should become looser as you continue to shed pounds. This will give you the inspiration you need to keep working hard as there is nothing more motivating than seeing those jeans fit better each week!

Reward Yourself

To keep the motivation high, reward yourself and go for a trip at your favorite stores. Even go to a store that you may have been intimidated to go to before you started to shed the weight. Try on a few items that you wouldn’t typically try on, and even purchase an item. The new addition to your closet will not only make you look better, but also motivate you to work even harder!

Consistency in your diet and workout effort is essential to your long-term results, and if you can adopt some of these helpful hints, you will keep yourself that much closer to the winning rack!

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