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Summer is here! It’s time to show off that dress you’ve always wanted to. Here are five tips on how to look fabulous in that sundress that will be sure to turn heads this summer.

1. Keep it simple

Patterns are all the hype right now, but just because it’s stylish doesn’t mean you have to wear it! Sometimes a simple, plain-colored dress can go a long way and you can dress it up or down. Patterns can alter your body shape and at times make you look heavier. If you really like patterns, try sticking to simple ones. Remember, floral and horizontal stripes are sometimes unflattering.

2. Less is more

We love to accessorize! It’s in our nature, plus it’s hard to pass up that cute clutch purse or that name brand necklace that’s on sale! It’s OK to keep these items at bay – and in your closet. Just be careful how you use them. For example, wear a statement pair of earrings with no necklace or vice versa.

3. Pick a dress for your body

  • Athletic – Empire style, which will give you more room around the waist and will flatter you!
  • Full-figured – Short or long will work for your body.
  • Small-busted – A halter or even a low-cut V-neck dress would be flattering. We recommend avoiding a strapless dress.
  • Hourglass – You can go short or long. The most flattering, though, will be something that has a full bottom.
  • Pear-shaped – Show off your shoulders! A strapless or one-shoulder dress would look best on you. Try avoiding light colors below the waist.

4. Drink Water

We can’t stress enough how important it is to drink water, not only to keep you cool during the summer heat, but to prevent bloating as well! Try eating foods that contain water – watermelon is our favorite!

5. Say NO to foods that bloat and the Types of Carbs that aren’t your friend

Try staying away from foods that bloat, like beans, sodas and high-sodium foods. Stick to clean foods: salad, chicken and fish are always a great choice. Try to avoid simple carbs. When you eat simple carbs your body stores some of it as glycogen in the muscle. This process also pulls water into the muscle, causing your body to retain more water. We know . . . it sounds complicated, right? But trust us, cutting out simple carbs for a few days and depleting the stored glycogen can help make you appear leaner!

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